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  1. Nouvelle is a French word for new. Here at Nouvelle, we aim to create new and innovative products to solve problems

  2. Innovation is an essential principle that plays a role in curating our product and making it more sustainable,  functional and comfortable for you. 

  3. We are an athleisure brand. Our goal is to empower athletes with our products of exceptional quality- and make the experience of exercise easier, more  safe, comfortable and sustainable through innovating with clothing technology.


Change For The Better 

Most activewear is mainly made up of Polyester, a plastic synthetic fiber derived from petroleum making it very unsustainable. When unsustainable materials like oil, gas, and coal are processed to make plastics, numerous hazardous pollutants and greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. In the meantime, a growing waste issue is exacerbated by the fact that the vast majority of plastic cannot be recycled and is not recycled at all.

Polyester is commonly used for activewear because it has the ability to repel or wick away moisture making it very hard to replicate with other more sustainable alternatives.

Our product is 100% cotton activewear. Although it is made of cotton it will be treated with different finishes that give it the ability to wick away moisture and have the same functionality as polyester while being much more eco friendly.


Apart from this the fabric used in our product will also be finished with cooling, aromatic, antibacterial and anti odor finishes, making it more functional and suitable for exercise .


For our products we have utilized swiss HEIQ micro encapsulation technology with the coating and chemicals that have been used to finish our products. The finishes are capsulated inside small bubbles which leave out the chemical onto the fabric when it is triggered by certain conditions such as moisture, heat or sweat.

We have used a finish that wicks away moisture to mimic polyester. We have also used a cooling finish and an anti bacterial and anti odor finish on each of our shirts.


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